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Carpenter Douglas Benoit and his tool bags

Douglas Benoit

Journeyman Carpenter

State of Michigan Licensed Builder

About Me

Hello, I’m Douglas Benoit, master carpenter, licensed builder and founder of Wood House Carpentry, LLC. Many may say, “DIY,” but I say, “D-I-Why?” Sure, just about anyone can sew a button onto a shirt, but very few can create a wearable garment ready to stand the test of daily life as well as draw appreciation. Similarly, nearly anyone can pound a nail into a piece of wood with the help of a hammer. However, it takes passion, training and a keen eye for detail to fuse form and function producing carpentry artistry.


JATC is a Detroit Carpentry Apprenticeship Program recognized as one of the finest carpentry training facilities in the nation. After four years, I graduated with more than a diploma. I graduated with a voice whispering in my ear compelling me to strive for better. The voice is that of one of my instructors who always urged me on with a simple “don’t settle.” It is that voice coupled with passion, dedication to quality, and a work ethic that drives me toward client and personal satisfaction. As much an artisan as carpenter, I enjoy combining different woods with stone, metals, stains and glass to produce a unique and high-quality aesthetic.

A lifelong leaning,

Timber framering: I have taken two classes over the last few years and constantly developing my skills. Timber framing is a construction method that has been used for hundreds of years. The method uses large timbers that are held together using design, joinery, and wooden pegs.

Photography: Many years ago I found a passion for photography while taking web development classes and now try to shoot almost every day. Most of the time I am shooting my family and friends, paid portrait shoots on location, or landscapes for print sales.

Check out my photography website.

Modest beginnings

Creating, for me, is a way of life. From my early days with building blocks and Legos to the present with wood, stone, glass, nails, etc., I have been putting pieces together to form something fantastic. While I have always possessed a certain knack working with my hands, it takes more than interest to become a master carpenter, which is why I chose to attend The JATC to transform my raw talent into artistry.

What’s your project?

One of the best things about being a carpenter is the variety each day holds - meeting new challenges, helping people realize their vision, and bringing improvements to people’s lives. Every project is important to me from installing moulding to customizing an interior or exterior space. Wood House Carpentry looks forward to hearing from you and discussing how we can help you move your project from thought to reality.