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Helping Builders through the process of Timber Framing.

Stanley tape measure extended sitting on timber Tapered wood timber framing peg in porch roof


Wood House Carpentry isn't just any rough framing company. For starters, we don't frame houses, we build timber frame components for builders to incorporate in their projects. A timber frame hybrid home is a type of building that combines traditional timber framing techniques with modern construction methods. Using timber framing to add design aesthetics to homes can be a great way to create unique and visually appealing buildings.

There are many ways that timber framing can be used to add design elements to a home. For example, exposed timber beams and posts can be incorporated into the interior design of a home to create a rustic or modern aesthetic. Timber framing can also be used to create decorative elements, such as arbors, gazebos, and pergolas, which can add interest and character to the exterior of a home.

How timber framing helps builders

  1. Offer high-quality work: Building a reputation for producing high-quality work can help a builder stand out. This can include paying attention to details, using high-quality materials, and ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.
  2. Specialize in a particular type of building or construction: A builder who specializes in a particular type of building or construction, such as timber framing or green building, can differentiate themselves from other builders in the market.
  3. Offer excellent customer service: Providing excellent customer service can help a builder stand out. This can include being responsive to client inquiries, being communicative throughout the building process, and being flexible in working with clients to meet their needs.
  4. Keep up with industry trends and innovations: Staying up-to-date with industry trends and innovations can help a builder stay competitive. This can include using new technologies or materials, or adopting new construction methods.