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Wood House Carpentry is more than hands-on - we're brains-on, too! We're ready to act as a consultant on how you can incorporate timber frame features into your architectural and design plans. We'll work with you for the customer. And, of course, we can help streamline the process for the customer by taking consulting a step further with implementation.

It's no secret that Wood House Carpentry is able to provide expert advice and support to architects who are looking to incorporate timber framing into their projects. Timber sizing, engineering, and budgeting are all important considerations when working with timber frames, and having the guidance of an experienced company can be very helpful.

Overall, working with an experienced timber framing company like Wood House Carpentry can be very helpful for architects who are looking to incorporate timber framing into their projects. They can provide expert advice and guidance to ensure that the project is successful and meets the needs of the client.

Here are a few things that architects may want to consider when working with timber framing:

  1. Timber sizing: The size of the timbers used in a timber frame can have a big impact on the strength and stability of the structure. It's important to choose the right size timbers for your project based on the load-bearing requirements of the structure.
  2. Timber frame engineering: Timber frame structures require careful engineering to ensure that they are strong and able to withstand the forces they will be subjected to.
  3. Project budgeting: Incorporating timber framing into a project can add to the overall cost, so it's important to budget accordingly. A timber framing company can provide guidance on the costs associated with different timber frame options and help you find ways to stay within your budget.