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Cad drawing timber frame mortise and tenon



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Wood House Carpentry is a timber framing company that focuses on designing and building components and small structures for new and existing homes. Nearly anything built today can be constructed employing traditional mortise and tenon joinery. Click on the links below to see some common timber frame projects.

Drawing timber framed subdivision sign


Drawing timber framed porch roof

Entry Ways

Drawing timber framed bracket


Drawing timber framed roof truss


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Sole of a Timber Frame

What does it take to make something special? Vision, respect and skill. Timber framing incorporates nature into the interior of a home. Integrating nature into a home is much more than a well-placed potted plant. Timber framing fuses the outside with the inside to evoke a sort of romance that is formed through masterfully constructing a humbling yet calming dynamic using wood and time-honored techniques. The feeling one gets walking into a timber framed home is humbling, inspiring and serene.

Cad drawing timber frame mortise and tenon

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